Christian Right Still Oblivious to Their Own Contradictions

Christian Right Still Oblivious to Their Own Contradictions November 20, 2017

Unhinged anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera went on the Voice of Christian Youth America radio show with Jim Schneider and they seriously asked the question of whether the election of so many LGBT candidates last week was proof that God had “given the United States over to depravity.”


Early in this broadcast, Jim read an extensive list of LGBT candidates who won seats in last Tuesday’s election. When reviewing Romans chapter 1:18-32, is it possible that this is a sign that God is giving the United States over to depravity?

Peter responded by noting that our cities are extremely liberal, so we expect these things to happen in those locations as this is part of a plan by homosexual activist groups. What disturbed Peter more was that Danica Roem became the first openly transgender person ever elected to the state legislature in Virginia. In this case, Roem will not be representing a large metropolitan area but a rural area outside D.C. He (sic) defeated Bob Marshall, who was a stellar Republican, pro-family, pro-life legislator. Roem, on the other hand, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside donations from liberal, pro-LGBTQ people and groups.

It’s quite obvious that most conservative Christians give little or no thought to whether their beliefs are internally consistent or not, and nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to prayer and free will. Vast numbers of people were undoubtedly praying that those candidates would lose and anti-gay candidates would win, but when that doesn’t happen they ask this rather silly question of whether God has “given us over” to depravity (or a “reprobate mind” as it says in the Bible). But I wish one of them would explain to me how that is at all consistent with the notion of free will.

If those prayers were answered, it could only happen as a result of God literally reaching into the minds of enough people who would otherwise have voted the other way and changed their mind on who to vote for (if not, then it would have happened anyway and prayer had nothing to do with it). But whatever happened to free will, their answer when confronted with the problem of evil? God lets us make our own choices so we can choose good or evil, right? That’s standard Christian theology. But if that’s true, then he can’t change our minds for us or it would no longer be true.

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