Crokin Declares Trump a ‘Real Life Super Hero’

Alex Jones wannabe Liz Crokin has declared Donald Trump to be a “real life super hero” — Batman, specifically. She posted this image to her Facebook page along with the text that suggests, for some bizarre reason, that Trump is going after pedophiles.


You see, she’s constantly ranting against pedophiles. She thinks pedophiles are lurking under every bed and in every closet. All of her political enemies, I’m sure it goes without saying, are pedophiles and child traffickers. And Trump is her hero, so naturally Trump is going to fix the problem she wildly exaggerates in her head. Never mind that there is not a shred of evidence for any of this. Trump is a man who bragged about going into pageant dressing rooms to see girls as young as 15 naked, a man with a long record of saying utterly creepy things about his own underage daughter.

He’s also friends with Jeffrey Epstein, who spent time in prison for child trafficking and is reputed to own an island full of underage girls for use by his rich friends. Crokin mentions Epstein a lot, but never mentions the connection to Trump (she does mention the connection to Bill Clinton, which is also very real; Clinton has gone to that island and has used Epstein’s plane many times). One of the girls who escaped from his island says she was recruited at Mar-a-Lago. Crokin ignores all of that, of course.

She also ignores the credible allegations against Roy Moore, as does Trump. Not only is Trump not cleaning up the pedophile problem, he’s supporting a guy who allegedly molested a 14-year old girl.

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