Wiles: Gays Would Rape Angels if God Sent Them

Echoing the story of Lot in the Bible, deranged bigot Rick Wiles says that if God were to send angels to America today, gay men would try to rape them because “we have become that wicked.”


“I think, right now, if God sent angels to this country, homosexuals would attempt to rape them,” Wiles said. “I have read comments by homosexual rights activists—I don’t even want to say the words, I can’t even say it, what they want to do to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have seen comments, it’s so wicked, so blasphemous I can’t even say it. I don’t want to even go there.”

“I’m telling you,” he continued, “if angels arrived in some major cities in this country, men would seek to rape them. We have become that wicked.”

Unless they were female angels between 14 and 16. If God sent them, Donald Trump would go in their dressing room to look at them naked and Roy Moore would molest them.

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