KY Boy Bullied Over School Religious Program

A 10-year old boy in Kentucky is being bullied by fellow students and even questioned by teachers for not taking part in clearly illegal religious events during the school day in the gymnasium. It’s called the Upper Room program and it involves singing Christian songs and praying, led by teachers.


Teachers stand in the front of the gathering, clearly in charge. There is something projected on the wall — all of this giving the distinct impression that the school’s “Upper Room” Christian program isn’t really student-led as the school’s website claims.

That web page — on a public school website — also includes links to a daily devotional prayer and to the King James version of the Bible, which is preferred by many evangelical Protestant denominations…

One of the boys in Devin’s class figured out earlier this year that Devin doesn’t believe in God. Devin says the boy has bullied him ever since. Sometimes others have joined in, he said.

“Mom says not to pay attention. Sometimes it’s not easy,” he said…

One teacher once quizzed him on his religious beliefs and joked that nonbelievers would be eaten by bears, like children who mocked the prophet Elisha in one Old Testament story, Devin said.

This program needs to end and any teacher involved needs to be disciplined. And if they allowed bullying behavior to go on, or questioned that kid’s religious beliefs in any way, they should be fired. The family’s name is already out there publicly, so they should be willing to be the plaintiffs in a lawsuit over all of this, a suit that would certainly succeed in ending the program. But then I fear, given the makeup of that area, that they would be the targets of actions worse than bullying, as so many other families have become around the country.

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