Manafort Digs the Hole Even Deeper

Manafort Digs the Hole Even Deeper December 5, 2017

Apparently thinking he wasn’t in enough legal jeopardy, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort ghost-wrote an op-ed defending himself, in apparent violation of a court order and a bail agreement with the Mueller investigation. Mueller is now withdrawing that agreement and wants him denied bail.


Paul Manafort ghost-wrote an editorial about his political work in Ukraine, violating a court order, according to a new court filing from the special counsel’s office.

The allegation was disclosed Monday as the reason the special counsel was backing out of a deal on bail with Manafort’s lawyers. The deal would have loosened the terms of house arrest for President Trump’s former campaign manager.

Manafort wanted to be allowed to travel among a few states in return for agreeing to forfeit $11.6 million in property if he missed a court appearance.

The special counsel’s office, which is investigating whether anyone in Trump’s orbit helped Russia interfere in last year’s presidential campaign, said Manafort helped draft the editorial in recent days, working with a Russian who has ties to that country’s intelligence services.

That writing violated a Nov. 8 court order “prohibiting such out-of-court statements in order to protect the fairness of the upcoming trial,” the court filing said.

Is there anyone associated with Trump at this point who hasn’t transformed almost completely into a cartoon supervillain? And did Manafort’s attorney know about this? If so, he should lose his law license for allowing it to happen. It’s like these people are just so used to doing whatever they want that they think they’re untouchable. Mueller seems intent on teaching them the important lesson that they are not.

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