How Trump Won the War on Christmas

How Trump Won the War on Christmas December 5, 2017

Truth is the first casualty of war, the old saying goes, and that’s especially true in wars that don’t actually exist. Breitbart Rome bureau chief explained to Breitbart editor Alex Marlow that Trump won the “war on Christmas” because of “the Trump effect.” Whatever that is.


This morning on “Breitbart News Daily,” host Alex Marlow spoke with Williams about international issues and the White House tree lighting ceremony. Marlow asked Williams if there was “more for the president to be doing” to promote Christmas, to which Williams responded that he hopes the Trump administration continues the work it’s doing because “people were really fed up with the war on Christmas that we’ve seen over the last few years and really during the entire Obama years.”

“Part of the swing toward populism, toward nationalism, is also a swing toward religion and a recovery of some sort of Christian identity, the importance of faith. And I think that we’re seeing more public expressions of that,” Williams continued. “There are the new tallies on Christmas card sales and things, and ‘Merry Christmas’ is blowing away ‘Happy Holidays’—you know, these kind of whitewashed greetings from past years are looking more and more like a thing of the past.”

“So what I’m seeing, and I’m very delighted with, is people are more overtly expressive of their own faith and religiosity, and that’s part of the Trump effect,” Williams said.

The Pentagon has run many war games and fighting scenarios on situations just like this and they confirm one thing: The easiest wars to win are the ones that never existed in the first place. When there is no war at all, as there isn’t here, it’s remarkably easy to declare oneself the victor. Next Trump will declare himself the winner of the War on Eggo Waffles and the War on Music. It’s only because of his personal brilliance as a military strategist that there were no casualties.

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