Fox Guest: Trump Already Released His Taxes

Fox Guest: Trump Already Released His Taxes December 7, 2017

And now, a report from the alternate reality of Fox News, particularly Fox and Friends. We know that Trump watches that show almost every day. I bet even he was surprised to find out that he had already released his tax returns, as a guest on that show dishonestly claimed.


SCOTT LEVENSON: They’re going to cut corporate taxes by 42 percent.


LEVENSON: Cut corporate taxes by 42 percent. We know who that benefits. Working-class people don’t have corporations. Corporations benefit the wealthy.

JACKSON: They’re the people that employ —

LEVENSON: And you know what? The fact is if we really wanted to believe this president, he said it would be a bad tax plan for him. Let the guy release his taxes.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): OK, going back to that.

JACKSON: He’s already released —

DOOCY: Kevin.

JACKSON: He’s already released his taxes.

That lie went unchallenged, of course, because it’s Fox and Friends. They were too busy admiring each other’s haircuts and licking Trump’s boots to care.

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