Former CO Republican Party Chair Found Guilty of Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is almost entirely a myth in this country. Cases of it are very, very rare, a tiny fraction of a percent at the most. But in the rare instances in which it’s actually been caught and prosecuted, it’s usually done by Republicans, the very ones who think it’s real. Here’s another example.

Copyright: Jonathan Roland
Copyright: Jonathan Roland

Steve Curtis, a former chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, faces up to three years in prison after being convicted Thursday of voter fraud and forgery for signing his ex-wife’s ballot during the 2016 election, prosecutors say.

The 58-year-old, who also was a KLZ radio host, was charged in February after authorities say DNA evidence and handwriting analysis linked him to the ballot of his ex, Kelly Curtis.

The Weld County District Attorney’s Office says court testimony during Curtis’ trial revealed that Kelly Curtis had moved to Charleston, S.C., in December 2015. When she called the county’s clerk and recorder to get her mail-in ballot, she was told she had already voted.

Curtis claimed that he signed and mailed the ballot during a diabetic episode of high blood sugar and he doesn’t remember doing it. That was taken about as seriously as it should have been, which is not at all. And now, the punchline. This is what Curtis said almost simultaneously with his commission of voter fraud: “It seems to be, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.”

Okay, I’ll correct you. You’re wrong. And you’re a liar. And now you’re a felon. And you’re going to jail. Buh bye now.

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