Really, Charles Grassley?

Really, Charles Grassley? December 13, 2017

Sen. Charles Grassley is not known as a man of any principles whatsoever, but his latest declaration is hypocrisy to the 3rd power. He’s now urging Trump to withdraw two of his most controversial judicial nominees — one of whom he himself has already voted for.


Grassley told CNN that he is advising the White House to “reconsider” the nomination of Jeff Mateer, who was selected to become a federal judge in Texas. He said the White House “should not proceed” on the nomination of Brett Talley, whom Trump picked to become a federal judge in Alabama.

“I’ve advised the White House they ought to reconsider,” Grassley said as he left a Judiciary Committee hearing. “I would advise the White House not to proceed.”

Grassley’s comments amount to an unusual brake on Trump’s bid to fill the judiciary with young conservative voices. The Senate has moved at an unprecedented pace this year to seat federal judges but controversy has surrounded the Mateer and Talley nominations.

Talley’s nomination has already gone through the Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a vote from the full Senate. Mateer’s nomination still needs committee approval.

Brake? What brake? Grassley already voted for Talley as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and will undoubtedly vote for Mateer when they hold hearings on him too. If you think there is good reason for Trump to withdraw the nominations, there is also good reason to vote against them. But Grassley won’t do that because he’s a spineless weasel.

Even Republicans know that Trump is absolutely scraping the bottom of the barrel for many of his nominations to the federal bench. Instead of experienced state judges or respected legal scholars, he’s appointing bomb-throwing bloggers and conspiracy nuts. But they’ll gladly toe the party line and vote for them anyway.

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