Jones: Trump’s Accusers Too Ugly for Him to Harass

Alex Jones is trotting out the tried-and-obnoxious line to defend his pal Donald Trump. He couldn’t possibly have sexually harassed all those women who have accused him of doing so because they’re just too ugly to meet his standards of beauty.


They have Megyn Kelly with these women that say that he asked them out or tried to give them their number, or one had been rude to him on an airplane so he called her the C-word, in one case 30 years ago,” Jones said. “Another woman says, this is like 11 or 12 years ago, he asked for her phone number.”

Jones then focused on the women’s looks.

“And I’m sorry. She’s not Trump’s type. I do not think these women are attractive. Trump is a complete perfectionist when it comes to women and just none of it fits,” Jones said.

But remember, the other means of dismissing allegations is “they were asking for it!” Look at her, she got herself all dolled up to attract men and then gets mad when she attracts them and gets groped and ogled! But then simultaneously she’s obviously too ugly to bother sexually harassing. Hey, whatever it takes to blame it all on the victims and demean women at every opportunity, amirite?

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