Roy Moore Didn’t Lose the Election, Harvey Weinstein Did

There have been a lot of absurd excuses offered by the right for why Roy Moore lost the special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, but none quite as ridiculous as the one offered by Fox and Friends’ resident blonde, Ainsley Earhardt. She says it wasn’t a loss for Moore or Trump, it was a loss for Harvey Weinstein.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): But also this was, you know, with all of these sexual allegation — allegations against Roy Moore, a lot of women that were going to the polls, you said yesterday, people were holding their nose as they go to the polls. It’s really hard, as a female, to go to the polls and vote for someone, even though those allegations were so long ago, even though they are just allegations. After Harvey Weinstein, it’s just hard. I think this is a referendum on Harvey Weinstein, not on President Trump.

Okay, so the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual harassment and assault have caused such an uproar that they got a Democrat elected in the reddest state in the country, but this somehow magically has nothing to do with Donald Trump, another man with a long history of sexual harassment and assault by his own admission. It’s like reality is being filtered through a silly straw.

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