What are Secularists Angry About Now? Christmas, of course.

What are Secularists Angry About Now? Christmas, of course. December 14, 2017

I always love being told what I’m upset about by the Christian right. So what are we secularists up in arms about now in the mythical world inhabited by the likes of the Family Research Council? Christmas. We hate that Trump says it and loved it when Obama refused to ever say it. From a fundraising email sent out by the FRC:


This Christmas, President Trump is further separating himself from the left-wing legacy of Barack Obama, who famously wanted a “non-religious” Christmas.

The Trumps are highlighting a larger-than-life nativity scene and displaying a wealth of beautiful decorations celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

They are wishing Americans a “Merry Christmas” in the White House, on social media, and even on their beautiful Christmas cards.

While the White House may be celebrating Christmas, secularist liberals around the nation are upset that our president is honoring this blessed time of year. They are more determined than ever to strip away our rights to celebrate our faith — and the true meaning of our most treasured and joyous holidays — in the public square.

Except, of course, Obama said Merry Christmas a lot. Like all the time, every year at holiday time. And Trump himself, his company sends out cards that say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. I’m not mad about any of that, nor is anyone I know. I could not possibly care any less whether someone wishes me Merry Christmas, Happy Holidiays, Joyous Kwanzaaa or whatever they want, I graciously accept the good wishes and return the greeting. Gosh, I’m such an angry atheist!

And then there’s that lie about wanting to strip away their rights in the “public square” a phrase calculated to give the impression that it means far more than it does. I’m just fine with people celebrating any holiday they like “in the public square,” I just don’t want the government paying for it or for any one group to have exclusive access for those purposes. But please, Family Research Council, do keep telling me what I believe. It’s edifiying.

Here’s a video of Obama saying Merry Christmas over and over again:

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