Trump Pulls Two Judicial Nominees

Two of Donald Trump’s many horrible nominees for the federal bench will not be getting a vote on the Senate floor despite one of them being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a straight party line vote. The White House has apparently decided to withdraw their nominations.

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Two of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees will not be confirmed by the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate following criticism over controversial statements they made, a White House official said.

The official said on Wednesday that the two nominations “will not be moving forward” in the U.S. Senate.

One of the nominees, Brett Talley, selected for a district court position in Alabama, had already said he would withdraw.

The other, Jeff Mateer, nominated to serve as a district court judge in Texas, was already hanging by a thread although he has not officially withdrawn.

This is good news but there are some others who are equally bad whose nominations will evidently continue to go through the Senate. When it comes to judicial nominations, the White House can’t possibly be familiar with all of the potential candidates. Traditionally, they’ve relied on senators to suggest nominees from their state, but in the last three decades that role has largely been filled by non-government groups like the Federalist Society (for Republicans) and the American Constitution Society (for Democrats). That generally ensures that the candidates are at least minimally qualified and not way outside the mainstream.

But with the Trump administration, they seem to have turned this function over primarily to the wingnutosophere, nominating bottom of the barrel figures no one has ever heard of other than as bomb-throwing bloggers and talk radio hosts. They’re really dug up some obscure nominees with zero track record in the legal world and full of ridiculous conspiracy theories and prone to wild exaggeration, if not outright lies.

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