D’Souza’s Intentional Ignorance of Election Prediction

The right is full of conspiracy theories about the special election in Alabama being “stolen” by the Democrats, with Roy Moore refusing to concede. Dinesh D’Souza even implies that Fox News is in on it in a tweeted response to conspiracy nut Bill Mitchell:


This is a studied, intentional ignorance. D’Souza is smart enough to know how the networks make election predictions. All you have to do is watch them do it, they explain it to you. When one candidate leads in the race but the network doesn’t make a call, it’s almost certainly because the precincts that have yet to report are precincts where their opponent should pick up enough votes to make the outcome still unpredictable. And that’s exactly what happened in Alabama. The last precincts to report were mostly in the big cities, Mobile and Montgomery, which have large African-American populations that they already knew from exit polls had voted overwhelmingly for Jones. It’s pretty basic math, actually.

D’Souza knows this. He’s not a stupid man. But he sold his soul a long time ago and gave up every shred of intellectual honesty in order to sell DVDs to the kind of people who will lap up every conspiracy theory like this with a spoon.

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