OANN Called the Race for Moore, Deleted the Video

OANN Called the Race for Moore, Deleted the Video December 16, 2017

One America News Network, the little wingnut upstart that makes Fox News look like it could actually earn its “fair and balanced” slogan, at one point on Tuesday night actually called the Alabama Senate race for Roy Moore and congratulated him for running a great campaign. Then they deleted the video showing them do it.


“We have some breaking news for you that we want to announce. Our unofficial polling shows Senate candidate Roy Moore sweeping the election right now in Alabama by a large margin,” the host says in the video.

The announcer goes on to say that the network’s CEO Robert Herring congratulates Moore on running a “fine campaign.”

“Now the president of One America News Robert Herring would like to congratulate Moore on the fine campaign that he and his wife have run. Speaking with campaign representatives, we are being told that there are strong signs the majority of voters have now come out in support of the judge,” the host says.

OANN’s website also published an article claiming Moore was the victor, which was subsequently taken down upon the judge’s defeat, The Wrap reported…

“Roy Moore wins the Alabama Senate election and will fill the seat left vacant by Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” the article stated. “Despite attacks from democrats about unverified allegations from nearly 40-years ago, Moore will keep the seat red and republicans will maintain a 52 to 48 majority in the Senate.”

And it’s amateur hour again. So let’s just try to disappear it down the memory hole and hope that no one notices. The major networks employ serious analysts, demographers and mathematicians to study the results as they come in so they can make an accurate prediction on who is going to win a race. Those people can tell you the voting demographics practically block by block in every county in every state off the top of their heads.

I’m guessing that OANN, on the other hand, probably has one guy who used to run the tilt-a-whirl at a county fair in Arkansas.

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