Peterson: Moore Defeat Proves Black People Don’t Believe in God

The vile and unbelievably dumb Jesse Lee Peterson is very upset that Roy Moore lost his bid to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, and he thinks he knows why it happened: Because black people don’t believe in God. And by that, of course, he means his particularly horrible version of God.


Peterson was outraged that black voters in Alabama overwhelmingly supported Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, and declared that it was evidence that they are “brainwashed, dumbed-down, demoralized, corrupt people ” who “do not believe in truth at all, not one iota.”

“They do not believe in God,” Peterson said. “They do not. If they believed in God, they would have clear minds, they would have sound minds, they would have godly values that guides them.”

“There is no way that you can be a son or daughter of God and a Christian and support anyone who represents the Democratic platform or the Democratic party,” he added. “That’s a reality … How can you be of good, of God, of truth, of love and vote for a man such as Doug Jones or even Barack Hussein Obama?”

I’m shocked that he didn’t attack women over it. After all, he and Moore agree that women should not be allowed to vote and black women voted against Moore at an even higher rate than black men. It has to be all the fault of women, right?

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