Carter Page Still Making Bizarre Arguments in His Own Defense

Carter Page Still Making Bizarre Arguments in His Own Defense December 17, 2017

In the whole constellation of ne’er-do-wells and amateurs involving the Trump-Russia story, Carter Page has to be the most clueless. He keeps going on TV and just crashing and burning, shows up to testify at a Congressional hearing without an attorney, and now offers this bizarre argument in a letter he sent to Dianne Feintein:


What? No, seriously, WTF? How in the world did this guy become a foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign? I know the answer to that. No one in the Republican foreign policy establishment wanted anything to do with Trump, and for good reason, so he had to bring in people with no credentials or experience. It really was just a total amateur hour, and it still is. They’ve chased all the career diplomats out of the State Department and haven’t even tried to replace most of them. There will be a big price paid for this.

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