How to Avoid Feminists in the Online Dating World

How to Avoid Feminists in the Online Dating World January 2, 2018

The Daily Dot has an article about Patrio, an online dating services that promises those who sign up that they won’t have to deal with any uppity women who think they’re, like, full human beings with equal rights. Because that can be a real drag, amirite?


“You never have to endure another date with a #feminist,” declares one Facebook ad for Patrio. It features a topless woman swaddled in an American flag, stranded in the middle of a wheat field. How could I resist?…

Patrio users are naturally “Patriots,” and upon registering, you’re asked to choose your political leanings from a list: Conservative, Classical Liberal, Center Right, Libertarian, or Other. Patriots are then asked to select their gender and the gender of their preferred match. “Male” and “Female,” as you might expect, are the only options. After answering questions about education and occupation, you’re ready to gawk at all the GOP hotties your heart desires.

My first few swipes included a picture of a man showing off an inflamed MAGA thigh tattoo, another smirking next to a bust of Ronald Reagan, and one whose third photo displayed was just a stock photo of Truth by pick-up artist Neil Strauss. Pledging fealty to far-right media agitator Milo Yiannopoulos in one’s profile was also a popular trend.

This is just the thing for men who don’t want to be bothered with pesky little things like consent, and for the woman who doesn’t mind being grabbed by the pussy without permission as long as it’s done by a real alpha male rather than a commie liberal cuck. But this has the owners of similar sites upset at the competition:

Conservatives have also enjoyed ConservativesOnly, Hannidate (fans of Sean Hannity), and more recently, TrumpSingles. “As mainstream websites go further left, [Trump voters’] pool is becoming smaller. It is sad to see we are furthering the divide, even in the dating world,” David Goss, the founder of TrumpSingles told the New York Post this summer.

Gosh, they sure love that free market, don’t they? I mean, they love it in theory. In reality, not so much. I just wonder what Bill O’Reilly’s username is on all of those sites.

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