Jones: Fisher May Have Been Murdered to Boost Star Wars Profits

Jones: Fisher May Have Been Murdered to Boost Star Wars Profits January 3, 2018

What would we do without Alex Jones for our daily dose of WTF? His latest lunacy is to suggest that Carrie Fisher may have been murdered in order to boost ticket sales for the new Star Wars movie. Because it obviously would have been a box office bust otherwise, right?


ALEX JONES (HOST): So it’s the death of good cinema that’s got Hollywood down 20 percent this year, 30 percent over the last ten years, previous to that 50 percent in the last couple decades. Their worst year ever this year. This new film, if you call it that, The Last Jedi is like the last Star Wars movie I think I can ever watch, because it’s like Russian roulette to go see this. It had some great graphics and some fun stuff in it, but subjecting myself and my children to every bad guy being a man and all of the commanders being women, like seven deep, like, “This commander dies, so it’s this woman and then it’s this woman,” and then they go, “The chain of command, it goes to this woman, and the chain of command.” And it’s all about women are in the chain of command. Beat me over the head. Beat me over the head. I mean I get like don’t have stereotypes, show that women can be in power positions, as if that hasn’t happened throughout history. Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, you name it. And a lot of times in bad roles — Margaret Sanger, the list goes on and on. Queen Elizabeth II, you know a known admitted Nazi heiling Hitler, but that’s OK, according to everybody, because she’s liberal. But this is just the beating you over the head to patronize women and show them in SWAT team uniforms running around and to be the police and to be in charge and the men are a bunch of idiots that have to be put in line, and it just goes on and on.

And then poor Carrie Fisher, you can see her tweets and videos before she died, and that was during the filming, she died right at the end of filming, she died right as it ended, she flew back. I’m not saying it’s a star murder or anything, but we know in Hollywood sometimes when they think you’re finally done, if you die right after your last record, your last movie, then it triples or quadruples your portfolio. But she just completed it perfectly. Flying back, I guess celebrating or whatever, had a bunch of different drugs in her systems and things. And I’m very sad for her, thought she played the goddess archetype very, very well, did a great job in the first films, had a long life, a lot of substance problems, a lot of this had been affected by [inaudible] family, so I don’t put her down, but it was like watching an under the bridge dweller, like we have near the office, who I try to bring food and stuff, who, she looked like a basically an old lizard that lived under a bridge or something that could hardly talk.

It’s true. It was a false flag operation hatched by Disney, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros. They killed Carrie Fisher as part of their feminazi agenda to enslave white Christian men. It all makes perfect sense now. Wake up, sheeple!

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