A Shiny New Liz Crokin Conspiracy

Liz Crokin, who is trying desperately to get in on that Alex Jones money, is as obsessed with pedophiles as he is and coming up with new conspiracy theories all the time. Her latest is that there are underground tunnels beneath the Playboy Mansion that lead to the head of Google’s house and is used by the CIA to hide children.


Right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin recently appeared on a YouTube program called “The SGT Report,” where she suggested that billionaire businessman Eric Schmidt recently resigned from his position as chairman of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, because his ties to pedophilia and satanic child sacrifice are about to be revealed…

“Eric Schmidt also owns a home that is, I want to say, two or three doors down from the Playboy Mansion,” she said. “When I read that, I got goosebumps because … there are lots of reports that there are underground tunnels underneath the Playboy Mansion because the Playboy Mansion is a CIA operation and they use the underground tunnels to traffic kids. So to find out that Eric Schmidt, who is involved in these circles, has a home close to the Playboy Mansion really makes me wonder if his home is connected to these underground tunnels where they traffic the children.”

“He’s in big trouble,” Crokin added, insisting that it is no coincidence that “elite” pedophiles “all have these mansions that are next door to each other [because] they traffic the kids underground.”

“It’s no coincidence that all these rapists and pedophiles happen to have homes that are right next door to each other,” she said. “We know for a fact there’s underground facilities and tunnels in D.C. and in L.A. that they use to traffic kids as sex slaves.”

She knows that for a fact. Which is why she never has any evidence for it. If there were evidence for it, it would obviously be false. The fact that there’s no evidence proves that it’s true. That’s how logic works on Planet Wingnuttia, which is not to be confused with Mars, where those tunnels presumably lead, where she has previously claimed the government keeps all the children for the pedophiles. But hey, at least they get pizza!

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