Ten Commandments Monuments as Tribal Signaling

Hemant has the scoop on a new mall in Lewisville, Texas, where the mall owner has installed a huge monument of the Ten Commandments. That is entirely his right, of course, it’s private property. Put up a monument to whatever you want. But wait, there’s irony coming.


“We’re not trying to make a statement or create a controversy,” said mall general manager Richard Morton. “This is part of Mr. Bushman’s belief system, and he’s not ashamed to share it.”

But you know what he won’t do? Actually follow those commandments. His mall is open seven days a week, so he’ll have none of that keeping the sabbath holy stuff. That would get in the way of people coveting stuff. Oops, there goes another one. I find this absolutely hilarious. He doesn’t actually care about the Ten Commandments, obviously, other than as a way to signal common membership in a tribe. We’re all Christians here, right? See my monument? That’s why you should come and give me your money.

Some might even consider that using the Lord’s name in vain, violating yet another commandment.

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