Joyner: Trump Is ‘Most Brilliant Person I’ve Ever Met’

Bootlicker and fellow con artist Rick Joyner saw the new movie about Winston Churchill and, for some bizarre reason, sees parallels with Donald Trump. He waxed eloquent for a while in a video about how Trump may be the most brilliant person he’s ever met.


In a video posted on his Facebook page yesterday, Joyner said that he is not concerned by Trump’s undignified speech and lack of decorum because “what he is accomplishing is what should be [considered] presidential … and he’s accomplishing some of the most amazing things ever.”

“He is really caustic,” Joyner said. “He will hit back at everybody—I’m talking about Donald Trump—he is very much like Churchill. Churchill was brilliant and I’ll tell you this about Donald Trump: He’s not a man of study and research and reading and writing—in many ways they don’t compare—but I’ve met a lot of brilliant people in my life, some of the most brilliant in just about every field … When I met Donald Trump, I was only in his office—I don’t know, we might have been there talking for an hour—but in just a few minutes, I understood this guy is unbelievably brilliant. He may be the most brilliant person I’ve ever met.”

To be fair, he may be right. After all, most of the people he meets are people dumb enough to fall for his televangelist nonsense. If that’s hour sample group, almost anyone is going to seem brilliant.

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