Trump Begs for a Standing Ovation

This is how pathetic Donald Trump’s sad attempt to play a president on TV has become, he’s now having to beg audiences to give him a standing ovation — and having to lie to the people to make it sound like he did something wonderful for them to justify it.


While touting the recently enacted tax reform legislation during an address at the American Farm Bureau Federation, Trump said Americans would now be able to “keep your farms in the family” because of changes to the estate tax.

“Get up,” Trump said as the audience started clapping.

“That was a tough one to get,” he added. “That was a tough one. Obviously you love your families, otherwise, you wouldn’t be standing for that one.”

This is the same lie he and other Republicans have been telling about the estate tax forever, that it’s all about protecting those poor small family farmers, not the super rich like him. Every fact-checking services has called this a baldfaced lie. In fact, this year only about 80 farms and small businesses would be affected by the estate tax at all. The overwhelming majority of the estate tax is paid by mega-rich people like Trump and his children. There probably wasn’t a single person in that audience who was even close to being hit with the estate tax if they die, which is probably why he had to beg them to stand up and applaud his lie.

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