McInness Launches Misogynist Attack on Oprah

Look, I don’t want Oprah Winfrey running for president either, but some of the attacks on her from the right are vile and misogynist and disgusting. We would expect nothing less from MRA and “proud boy” Gavin McInness, who flat out calls her a prostitute and a slut:


GAVIN MCINNES: [Oprah] was remarkably promiscuous in the day to put it mildly. She was turning tricks, she was basically a prostitute and that’s still in her DNA. So when she’s with Weinstein and she’s in this big world with these billionaires she still has that ghetto mentality of “You want to try this girl out for a while, let’s try this girl, like hey mind if I come along?” And she’s got the money to keep it all silent but when you run for election as we’ve seen with Trump, everything comes out. Things come out that weren’t even true. And Oprah would never stand up to that kind of scrutiny.

I mean look at her whole life. She was such a slut, sorry for the family show violation there but she was such a slut her mother sent to her to what’s his name, Vernon Winfrey, that wasn’t even her father. It was just, this guy by the way deserves an award. He took this kid from the ghetto who claims to have pet cockroaches, slutting around like a prostitute and turns her into a pillar of society, a stalwart businesswoman who makes billions. This guy deserves half her money. And she comes out of that and pretends that it’s always been peaches and cream and she’s perfectly normal. No, she’s a sexual deviant, she’s basically a pimp and the idea of her even having a snowball’s chance in hell as president is totally laughable.

So I guess what he’s a “proud boy” about is being a sexist jerk. And remember, this is a guy who supports Donald Trump, who brags about peeping at naked Miss USA contestants, about grabbing women by the pussy, about having sex with other men’s wives, about cheating on his own wives. But that’s all cool because he’s a man and men are supposed to do that. It’s what makes them “alpha males.” But any women they have sex with, they’re obviously sluts and whores. They don’t even try to pretend to be anything but hypocrites.

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