I Found the English Version of Larry Klayman

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, has a counterpart in England. His name is Davey Russell and he’s part of the far-right near-fascist group the English Defense League. He tried to get the mayor of London arrested for insulting Donald Trump. And for being Muslim.


An anti-Islamic nationalist wheeled a homemade gallows into central London, led a group of men into a conference hall and attempted to “arrest” the city’s first Muslim mayor as he gave a speech Saturday.

The group failed, and was eventually escorted out by the same police officers they had asked to apprehend Mayor Sadiq Khan. They still managed to delay the speech for 15 minutes as they accused Khan of treachery, tyranny and disrespecting President Trump…

Russell told reporters outside the conference that his group was called the Pendragons. But an ITV reporter, among others, identified him as a leading member of the English Defense League, a well-known far-right organization. Russell also is host of an anti-Islamic radio show, which Kent Online reported was raided by police several years ago.

On Saturday, Russell told reporters that he believed he had the law on his side. He accused Khan of cooperating with terrorists and placing himself above the law, and said the mayor had no right to criticize Trump.

Russell ended up being arrested instead of Khan. It all reminds me of a few years ago when Klayman organized one of his “million man” protests. They were going to march over from Lafayette Park to the White House and arrest Obama and Biden, then go to Capitol Hill and arrest Pelosi and Harry Reid and the Republican leaders too. It ended up being a handful of crackpots babbling to one another and doing…absolutely nothing. These people crack me up.

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