Trump Really Should Shut Up About Martin Luther King

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and on Friday, Trump signed the annual declaration of the day. A few days before that, he signed an order upgrading King’s birthplace to a national historic park. In between, he made his outrageous racist comments about Haitian and African immigrants. He really needs to shut up about it.

orange trump

Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. LBJ pushed Congress to immediately pass the Fair Housing Act, a law that King had long advocated for, that would ban racial discrimination in housing. One week later, that act was passed and he signed it into law. Five years after that, in 1973, Trump was sued by the Nixon DOJ for violating that act by refusing to rent to black tenants. His rental officers would make applications from black people with a C, for colored, and they would be denied. Black applicants were told there were no units available; white applicants would be given a lease to sign on the spot.

Trump did his usual thing of trying to intimidate the government in to backing down, filing a countersuit for $100 million. It was dismissed, of course. He ended up settling the suit for an undisclosed amount of money and had to revamp their rental practices and train their employees to comply with the law. That is how nearly all such suits for violating that law end, with such a settlement.

Don Lemon said the other day that it “makes your skin crawl to hear him talk about Dr. Martin Luther King’s values.” Indeed it does. Donald Trump is a deeply racist man. No observant person could possibly deny that at this point. To hear him praise MLK is creepy and dishonest.

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