Joy Reid Rhetorically Disembowels Trump-loving Pastor

Joy Reid had Pastor Mark Burns, who loves him some Donald Trump and is always eager to lick his wingtips, on her show and he made a video afterward saying she should move to Haiti if she loves it there so much. She replied to that video and pretty much left nothing but a greasy spot on the carpet where he used to stand.


“As to the idea that I need to move to Haiti to be concerned about the people there; sir, you are a pastor,” she continued. “And in the Bible — you love to quote the Bible. Let me quote you John. It says: ‘Whoever sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?’”

“I too am the child of immigrants and African-Americans and people who consider ourselves African-Americans, some of us have parents who are immigrants,” she added.

She then provided the good pastor with a fierce lesson in Haitian history including the help Haitians provided in Revolutionary War, among other historical facts, before delivering her closing remarks to him.

“I hope that you will open your heart to the people of this world, to the people of this country and do your duty as a Christian to love your neighbor as yourself,” she stated before sarcastically adding, “But thanks for sharing your views.

For verily, she layeth down the smack with fury and righteousness. MSNBC needs to give her a nightly show. Give her Chris Matthews’ slot in the lineup, since he’s the worst interviewer on television.

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