Fox News Can’t Believe People Talk About Civil Rights Protests on MLK Day

Fox News has an op-ed column on their website from some dullard named Jeremy Hunt arguing — and I’m not making this up — that it’s wrong to talk about protests against racial injustice on Martin Luther King day. That sound you hear is a million heads hitting desks simultaneously.


It seems that no national holiday is exempt from the media’s need for political controversy.

This Monday, on what should be a day for Americans to put aside politics and come together to honor the legacy of an extraordinary American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the media has decided instead to seize upon it as yet another opportunity to further sow the division and partisan polarization already plaguing our country.

The New Yorker magazine decided to use Dr. King to touch on the continuing raw nerve that is NFL’s national anthem protests, with its cover depicting Dr. King kneeling alongside Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett, two of the instrumental leaders in the controversy. The cover’s artist, Mark Ulriksen, says the inspiration for it came after he asked himself: “what would King be doing if her were around today?”

He goes on to say: “How would you feel if you had to show up at work every day and salute a country that treats black people like second-class citizens? I’m glad that Colin Kaepernick and Michael Bennett are making it political. I’m sure that if King were around today, he’d be disappointed at the slow pace of progress…”

Talking about protests against racial injustice on a day to honor the greatest civil rights protest leader in our nation’s history? What will those gay IslamoNazi cucks think of next? You know what they need? They need Jesus. Seriously, the rest of the column is spent blathering on about “spiritual transformation” and how we all need to pray a lot more. It may be the single dumbest thing anyone has said so far this year. With Trump in office, though, I’m sure that designation won’t last long.

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