GOP Chair Shocked — Shocked! — at Controversy Over Women’s Suffrage

A Republican Party precinct chairman in Utah posted on his Facebook page that it was a “grave mistake” to allow women the right to vote and he is shocked — shocked, I tell you — that this declaration was greeted by “mean emails” and “mean comments.”


“The more I study history the more I think giving voting rights to others not head of household has been a grave mistake!” Casey Fisher posted on Facebook Sunday morning.

And the county party chair, a woman named Teena Horlacher, is defending the jerk:

The Davis County GOP Chairwoman then went on to explain that Fisher decided to delete the post after receiving angry messages from people online who were not fond of what they saw as his objection to women’s suffrage.

“Casey has been completely harassed today,” she said. “He has been inundated with mean emails, mean comments, mean phone calls. I mean, seriously. He’s quite astounded [by] the repercussions of all of this.”

Then he’s a moron. I mean, we knew that already. But seriously, how could anyone be so insulated from reality in 2018 that they’re shocked at people getting angry when they say that half the population should not be allowed to vote? That’s cluelessness on a truly epic scale. He needs to go. So does she.

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