Strang: Trump is Just Like Jesus, Critics are the Pharisees

Steve Strang, publisher of Charisma magazine, is one of the many high-profile Christian right leaders who has gleefully, and absurdly, attached his clown car to the Trump train. He says Trump is like Jesus and his critics are like the Pharisees who attacked him.


“It’s like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day,” Strang said. “Here he was, the promised Messiah, and these are the people who practice Jewish law better than anyone else and they just had a mindset against him and couldn’t see the truth. A lot of people get a mindset, they think a certain way politically … and they just think that way and they don’t think for themselves.”

“I just think that people are blind, they don’t want to change, they have a certain narrative,” he added. “Don’t we all know Christians throughout history who have twisted facts to go along with their preconceived ideas? It’s one reason why Christians sometimes have a bad reputation in some circles because a lot of times we are kind of narrow-minded and mean-spirited; I’ll tell you, some of the ‘Never Trumpers’ we’re really, in my opinion, mean-spirited in the way they went after him.”

Strang insisted that Trump has been deeply transformed by his Christian faith, asserting that while he may not identify himself as an evangelical, “if he prayed to accept Christ, isn’t that kind of the definition of being an evangelical even if he has not been one of us over the years?”

Jesus, these people are so easily fooled, aren’t they? If they actually believe that Trump has been born again, they are so naive that one wonders how they’ve managed to make it this far without sending all their money to some Nigerian email scammer. Donald Trump could not possibly care any less about Christianity. There is only room in Trumpworld for one god, and it’s him. And you shall know them by their fruitcakes…

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