Wiles: The White House Asked Me to Cover Davos

Donald Trump will attend the Davos summit, which starts today. It’s a veritable Who’s Who of those that conspiracy nuts think are behind every bad thing in the world. Among those conspiracy nuts is the deranged Rick Wiles, who claims the White House asked him to come with them to cover the event for his pathetic little internet show.


“Your TruNews team will be in the World Economic Forum, starting Tuesday,” Wiles announced. “We were officially invited by the White House to cover President Trump’s speech to the assembled globalists. Now we did not seek to go to this global event; it was the White House that invited us at the last minute.”

I’d like to see some evidence of this. Where exactly did the invite come from? Because even for Trump, this seems farfetched. This guy makes Alex Jones look like Bertrand Russell for sheer rationality, he’s that unhinged. If the White House is even letting him take the tour, that’s a big deal. And a disturbing one.

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