What’s Crackpot Mark Taylor Saying Today?

Firefighter turned con man and self-declared “prophet” Mark Taylor could easily be a daily feature here. Ever day he says something loopier than the last. The latest is that Trump is actually the one behind the Russia investigation, which is an ingenious distraction from his preparation of military tribunals that will charge former presidents and many others with treason.


“There is some ops going on,” Taylor said, “behind the scenes that are being made to look like certain things to put the enemy at ease when, in fact, the opposite is happening, if that makes sense. Because they don’t want the enemy knowing what is happening. Donald Trump is a genius—a literal genius—this guy is ten steps ahead of everyone, he is not going to show his hand to what he is doing.”

“You don’t want your enemy knowing what you are doing ahead of time,” he continued. “So what is the most effective way? Put them at ease. So it looks like Jeff Session may not be doing anything when, in fact, he probably is.”

Taylor went on to say that an executive order signed by Trump last year giving the Air Force the authority to recall 1,000 retired pilots may really have been a cover to establish military tribunals.

“What if they are calling these guys back for the tribunals?” Taylor speculated. “Because it’s officers who sit on those tribunals … We’re not going to be told what is going on right now.”

Okay, Mr. Taylor, I think it’s time for you to take one of the cozy bedrooms at a local hospital and spend your time gluing macaroni on to paper plates and telling the nice therapist all about the voices in your head. You left planet Earth a long, long time ago.

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