Can Meghan McCain Really Be This Naive?

John McCain’s daughter Meghan said this week that she had a nice talk with Donald Trump and she now believes that he would not say mean or mocking things about her father anymore. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge over the river Covfefe to sell you.

After months of criticizing the war veteran over his stance on a GOP health care bill and more, the president called the Arizona Republican’s daughter Meghan in the fall to say he would back off the cancer-stricken senator.

“I don’t believe he would go there again,” the younger McCain said in an exclusive interview for POLITICO’S Women Rule podcast. “I don’t think at this point in his administration it would be beneficial to him in any way.”

McCain said her conversation with Trump was “very nice.”

“I don’t think he has obviously attacked him in a while, but when the news came out that he was apparently, allegedly making physical mockeries of my father’s war injuries … I was deeply hurt by it,” McCain recalled, referring to a report by Axios last fall.

Seriously, how are some people still so unclear on who Trump is after all this time? If he was capable of that kind of sslf-restraint, he would never have said the things he said about McCain in the first place. You might have been forgiven for thinking it was out of the question that Trump would ever have said that McCain is not a war hero because he prefers people who aren’t shut down — or that he could possibly have survived politically if he had — but once he’s said that, you’re just incredibly naive if you believe he wouldn’t do it again.

This is who Trump is. He’s a bully. And the moment McCain casts a vote or says something he doesn’t like again, he’ll attack him again, no matter how vile or fact-free the attack has to be. It’s who he is. Anyone who doesn’t get that at this point really should be considered too terrible a judge of character to have the right to vote.

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