Geller Shares Movie Footage, Claims It’s Muslim Immigrants Committing Violence

Deranged anti-Muslim bigot Pam Geller has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor the most honest. If she’s pushing something, it’s a pretty fair bet it’s false. But you’d think even she could tell the difference between footage from a movie and a real video of violence from Muslims. And you’d be wrong. Here’s the video:

Notice the boom mic in the video? That’s because this is amateur footage of a professional movie shoot. The movie is called Mediterranea.

The video, in reality, is an amateur recording of an Italian film shooting. The drama Mediterranea chronicles two friends from Burkina Faso who experience hostility after immigrating to Italy. The allegation that the video depicts Italian migrants engaged in a criminal act has been debunked since as early as 2014, by Italian, French, and German language websites.

Now look at the comments on Geller’s post about the video. Even when it was pointed out that the footage is fake, they just keep right on going.

Yes, ALL Muslims commit gang rape and murder. That will come as quite a shock to the 99% or so of all Muslim who do not, in fact, commit gang rape and murder. But why left little things like facts get in the way of one’s bigotry? Where’s the fun in that? Geller’s post went up on Feb. 7, almost a week ago. No retraction yet, or even admission that the footage is not real.

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