Thank God Hillary Wasn’t Elected

Most of us think that Donald Trump being elected was pretty much the worst thing that could have happened to this country, but it turns out that we really dodged a bullet. If she had been elected, she and her witch’s coven would have started killing pastors.

This is from some wingnut named Paul McGuire and he said this, predictably, on Rick Wiles’ radio show.

“I’ve read many accounts which suggest that she is a practicing witch, part of a witches coven at the very highest levels,” McGuire said. “I think she has a demonic hatred in her—her statement about the ‘deplorables’ revealed what was in her heart.”

“I believe that if Hillary Clinton had become president of the United States,” he asserted, “like Jezebel, she would have persecuted, arrested, fined, imprisoned and perhaps killed America’s pastors, she would have shut down the preaching of the gospel and the gates of hell would have broken loose on our nation.”

Well thank god that didn’t happen! And you know this is true because it’s the same show where some other whackjob announced that President Obama tried to drop a nuclear bomb on Charleston, South Carolina. You don’t get much more credible than that.

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