White House Lied About Porter Timeline. Film at 11.

Okay, you might want to sit down for this. I wouldn’t want you to be so shocked that you fall over and hit your head on something and get a hematoma or concussion. Trump’s handpicked FBI Director, Christopher Wray, told a Congressional committee that the White House is lying about when they found out about Rob Porter’s spousal abuse.

Oh, he didn’t actually say that, of course. He just blew up their entire timeline and their claim that they fired him as soon as they found out about it by telling the committee that the FBI had finished its investigation of Porter for a security clearance in January and delivered that report to the White House. It included the abuse of his ex-wives, presumably to explain why he wasn’t being approved for a clearance.

The F.B.I. director, Christopher A. Wray, said on Tuesday that the bureau delivered final results in January of its background investigation into Rob Porter, the staff secretary who resigned in disgrace amid spousal abuse allegations. But the White House allowed Mr. Porter to continue serving in his post until the accusations surfaced publicly in press reports last week.

In testimony on Capitol Hill, Mr. Wray upended the White House’s timeline of the events that led to Mr. Porter’s departure, contradicting the contention of top officials that his background investigation was “ongoing” at the time of his resignation.

Mr. Wray also told lawmakers that the bureau delivered its first report on Mr. Porter to the White House in March, months earlier than White House officials said they learned of the problems with his background check. Mr. Wray did not disclose the contents of that initial report, but Mr. Porter’s two ex-wives have said they told F.B.I. agents of the abuse in interviews conducted in January 2017.

Wait, this White House lied? Next you’ll be telling me that Wakanda isn’t real and that Trump didn’t see thousands of Muslims celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey from his penthouse miles away. Or that he isn’t going to pay off the entire national debt in 8 years. Or that he has his products made in the very countries he demonizes as having taken our jobs. But those things would be crazy. Who would lie like that? I mean, other than anyone and everyone connected to Trump?

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