Gallups: School Shootings are ‘Demonic’

Gallups: School Shootings are ‘Demonic’ February 20, 2018

As the right wing grasps for any explanation for the prevalence of mass shootings in America that fit with their ideology, we’ve heard about dark conspiracies, mental illness (the shooter was white, after all), violent video games and much more. You knew someone was going to claim it was caused by demon possession. Carl Gallups to the white courtesy phone:

“This has it’s origins in the spiritual realms,” he said. “There is a concerted demonic attempt to undermine the United States of America, to bring it down, to destroy the most precious among us. Why is that such a demonic attempt? Because we know the scriptures say that there will arise a generation that will see this Antichrist system, this one-world order … The bottom line is we are headed that way.”

“The United States is the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen,” Gallups continued. “It’s the number one military superpower, it’s the number one economic superpower and so there is a demonic attempt to destroy it, to bring it down, to break the culture into some kind of submission. One of those ways is to take away our ability to defend ourselves, so every time something like this happens, the leftists start screaming—you can almost hear it from the pits of hell—’Take away all the guns, take away all the guns.’ That’s not the solution and we all know it’s not and we know why, but we hear that, so this is very spiritual, it’s very deep, it’s very dark.”

And very, very dumb.

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