Pentagon Considering Crowdfunding Trump’s Military Parade

If there’s one thing that is absolutely certain, it’s that the Pentagon brass and the rank-and-file troops want nothing to do with Trump’s ego-driven demand for a military parade. He has no idea how difficult it will be or how much it will cost, nor does he care. The cost is so high that the Pentagon is considering crowdfunding it.

There is growing concern within the US military about the costs of President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade and the disruption it could cause.

If Trump insists on a military parade through Washington involving thousands of troops, armored vehicles, missiles and other heavy weapons the event could disrupt crucial military training schedules, according to a defense official directly familiar with the initial planning efforts.

There are also concerns over the cost of the event, and a second defense official tells CNN that the Pentagon is considering seeking out private donations to offset some of the non-military costs of the event. The donations could not cover military salaries or the cost of moving equipment but they could be used to pay for other aspects of the parade.

I bet Trump will try to pay for it with corporate sponsorships. I can see the ads now.

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