Introducing Donald Trump to Reality

Introducing Donald Trump to Reality February 23, 2018

After he had to have it written down for him to remember to show empathy to the survivors and victims’ families from the Parkland shooting during a “listening session,” Trump is, as usual, all over the place in his reaction. He’s pushing some reforms, though they’re quite inadequate:

Barely a good start, but at least he’s not rejecting those ideas out of hand (though his statement about wanting more mental institutions is a bit disturbing and quite beside the point — we do need a much better system for mental health, but that sure as hell isn’t the way to do it). But at the same time, he’s praising the NRA to high heaven:

Uh, Donald — the NRA is going to oppose those changes you’re proposing. They’re going to scream about how that’s just the first step to seizing all their guns. And changing the age to 21 is going to hurt the sales of the gun industry, for which the NRA is the chief marketing wing. They’re gonna lose their minds over that idea. So since you claim to be for those things and claim to believe that they’re important to protect kids in schools, will they still be doing the right thing?

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