SPLC Adds MRA Groups to Hate List

The Southern Poverty Law Center has, for the first time, added a couple of MRA groups to their list of hate groups. There is no official definition of what is and is not a hate group, of course, and the SPLC sometimes does get things wrong, but these seem entirely justified to me.


Houston-based A Voice for Men and Washington, D.C.-based Return of Kings were among the 954 hate groups included in the 2017 report. The male supremacist groups believe it’s natural and desirable for men to have more power than women, and lament what they see as the oppression of men by modern society. A recent post on A Voice for Men argued that many women who experience violence at the hands of men in their lives “ask for it.”

In a call with reporters, Heidi Beirich, head of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, likened the men’s rights groups’ rhetoric about women to the way the white nationalist organization American Renaissance categorically describes the inferiority of black people.

“These men right’s groups talk in the same way about women,” Beirich said. “They demonize them as an entire population, so they use slurs like, ‘They’re whores, they’re destroying men, they’re bitches, they’re evil.’ It’s the same kind of language directed at demonizing all women and trying to make women look essentially like a lesser form of humanity.”

If those two groups don’t qualify as hate groups, we might as well retire that label completely. They are vile, disgusting sites run by vile, disgusting men.

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