Bolton to Replace McMaster?

In case you thought it couldn’t get any worse in terms of Donald Trump’s hiring decisions, think again. With HR McMaster almost certainly on his way out, the rumor all over DC is that his replacement will be John Bolton, who was spotted at the White House yesterday.

On the same day that Cohn threw in the towel, a far more sinister development took place as John Bolton was spotted at the White House. He’s rumored to be the leading contender to replace National Security Adviser H.R. McMasters who will also be leaving in the near future.

Colin Kahl, a leading foreign policy and national security expert I knew when he was in high school (and was one of the best debaters I ever saw), tweeted about this just a few days ago. Keep in mind that Colin is not someone usually given to overstatement:

Bolton has literally never imagined a war he didn’t support. He wants to invade pretty much every country in the world, probably in alphabetical order. And every war, he says, is going to be easy. He said Afghanistan would be an easy victory; 17 years later, we’re still there, with no end in sight. And he really, really, really wants to bomb Iran. I mean to the point where I imagine he must fondle himself dreaming about it. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House, much less as National Security Adviser.

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