Barton: 2nd Amendment Means Right to Own Fighter Jets, Missiles

Barton: 2nd Amendment Means Right to Own Fighter Jets, Missiles March 16, 2018

Tim Barton, son of theocratic con man and pathological liar David Barton, takes the same position his father does on the 2nd Amendment, which is that it not only protect a right to own guns, but to own any weapon the government has in its arsenal.

“It was actually about protecting people from an abusive government,” Barton said. “And because of that, whatever weapons the government had, the people also had access to and in the founding era, they had the right to have it. Now, people today would say, ‘Wait a second, back then all they had was muskets.’ Yes, that’s true, but the advancement of technology that the militarilies had at the time, the people had as well.”

“The idea was we do not want to give a level of superiority to a government that could become abusive, that could become oppressive and divisive, we need the ability to protect and defend ourselves against that government,” he continued. “We wanted to make sure the people had the same means of defense as a government might have offensive weapons, so we need the same level of weapons to defend ourselves as we’re going to be attacked with because we didn’t want to disadvantage the people from being able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.”

“The Second Amendment was written to protect people [by] allowing them to have the same level of weapons that was going to come against them,” Barton said.

OMG, why didn’t I think of that? That’s exactly what we need, private air forces and navies with their own nuclear missiles and stuff. They would serve the interests of only the obscenely rich, of course. What could possibly go wrong? I find it amusing that the same people who promote this claim are also the ones always screaming about the need to increase “defense” spending, which of course places any ability of a private arsenal being any impediment to government tyranny beyond the point of laughter.

Think about this. You could combine the entire fortunes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos and still not even hit half the amount our government spends on “defense” in a single year. Combine all their resources and they couldn’t create a private military that could last a day against the government. And yet the same people who think they should have the right to do that constantly clamor for more and more government spending on weapons, which only makes their argument more ludicrous.

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