Wiles: God Is on Russia’s Side

The utterly deranged Rick Wiles says that America “smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord” right now — because, ya know, treating gay people like actual human beings and stuff — and that if we go to Russia, God will be on their side, not ours.

“America, you’re lewd,” Wiles said. “You’re filthy in the eyes of the Lord. You think you’re great and mighty, but you’re lewd, you’re filthy, you’re dirty. Your sins stink to heaven. America smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord right now, so you had better be careful about saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to have a war, we’re going to beat Russia.’ You better be very careful, because the Lord may be on Russia’s side in this war.”

“They’re acting more Christian than us,” he added. “This nation has embraced homosexuality, lewdness, pornography, every vile thing, paganism, the gods of the East, we’ve embraced it in this country and the church just accommodates it.”

Hey, you know what might get God on our side? Maybe if we started killing gay people again, as he (allegedly) commands in the Bible. And women who aren’t virgins on their wedding days, those little hussies who actually dare to believe that they own their bodies and not men or non-existent deities. Maybe we should just put Rick Wiles in charge and he can carry out all the kill orders himself. You know, so God won’t take Russia’s side in a war. Good, sound thinking.

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