Trump Wants Unconstitutional Line-Item Veto

Example #13,489 for why you don’t elect ignorant amateurs to office. Trump signed the omnibus spending bill to prevent a third government shutdown, but during a bizarre, rambling press conference said he would never sign another one and demanded that Congress give him a line-item veto, then tweeted out the same thing:

We tried that, you ignoramus. It’s unconstitutional. Supreme Court declared that almost 20 years ago during the Clinton administration. If you ever cared for doing a moment’s research, or just asked, say, your White House counsel, you would know about Clinton v City of New York. It was even a completely bipartisan ruling, with three liberals (Stevens, Ginsburg, Souter) and three conservatives (Rehnquist, Thomas, Kennedy) making up the majority. These are things you could learn about the limits of your own authority — if you could even conceive of such a thing.

If only there was Twitter in 1996, you can be damn sure that Trump would have been tweeting about how tyrannical the line-item veto was when Clinton had it and how we needed a revolution to destroy it.

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