Jones: Student Gun Control Activists Plotting to Overthrow the Government!

Jones: Student Gun Control Activists Plotting to Overthrow the Government! March 28, 2018

The crackpot right is absolutely losing their minds over the student-led movement for better gun control policies, even though what they’re actually demanding is quite moderate and supported by an overwhelming percentage of the population. Alex Jones goes all out, saying they’re all part of a “globalist” (whatever that vague boogeyman phrase means) plot to overthrow the government.

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well, on the heels of the omnibus debacle Friday and that nightmare situation, we are then treated to a half-a-million young people led by their teachers, led by their professors, led by the breakaway government of government employees marching to have the constitutional right that the country was founded on and that actually started the Revolutionary War — marching to declare gun owners the enemy and marching to declare that they would confiscate all of our guns and kill anyone that did not turn them in. We have video clip after video clip after video clip of them saying, “We’re going to ban all your guns, we’re going to take all your guns, and you may say that you’re going to take it from our cold dead hands, well we’re going to take it from your cold dead hands.”

We’ve got the signs, we’ve got the speeches, we’ve got videos from around the country, not just in D.C., with people running for office, for the office of sheriff and other offices saying, “Sure, you’re not going to turn your guns in? We’re going to kill you.” And of course congressmen going and speaking at town halls saying, “Time to use the Second Amendment against Trump.”

This is a real move by the globalists, by the left, by George Soros, who has successfully overthrown countless countries including Ukraine, to pull off the same thing here in the United States. That is what we’re facing. That is what we’re dealing with. This is the reality.

Whenever Jones claims to know what reality is, all you can do is laugh. That man wouldn’t know reality if it crawled up his pantleg, perched on his ass and yodeled the Macarena. And the thing is, if you disagree with those kids on policy, say so. Criticize their arguments. Some of them, at least, would be happy to debate about it. But idiotic attacks like this can only provoke laughter.

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