David Barton’s Dumbest Argument Ever

We’re used to hearing David Barton tell ridiculous lies. And we’re used to hearing David Barton make horribly stupid arguments. But this one? This tops them all. He says that if you believe in separation of church and state, you must also believe that Christians shouldn’t pay taxes.

“If they really believe that, why do they take tax money from people who go to church?” Barton asked. “People who go to church shouldn’t have to be required to put tax money into the state if there is a separation of church and state. Religion is funding the state, so how come they don’t argue that?”

“They are saying I can’t take my kids and take them out of state education because that is religious,” he added. “If they think I’m religious, why would they take my tax dollars and put it into the state?”

“Right,” Tim Barton replied. “Because now, a religious person is helping fund the public and there has to be a separation of church and state.”

“Maybe I ought to file a lawsuit on that,” David Barton mused.

Oh yes, you should. And I want front row seats to hear the judges laugh out loud in your face and dismiss the case with extreme prejudice. Seriously, how does someone say something this idiotic with a straight face? It’s mind-boggling to me. Absolutely mind-boggling.

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