Bakker Now Pastor of the First Church of Trump

I can understand why a Christian righter would support Trump reluctantly, overlooking his obvious flaws as long as it gets them what they want politically (control of the courts, primarily). But the most blatant charlatans among them have gone all the way to virtually worshiping the guy and conflating him with God himself. Like Jim Bakker:

“Our president, it is like he is in a war,” Bakker said. “He is not running the country like he should because he is trying to defend himself. Don’t kid yourself, he is in warfare. God spoke to me today on this broadcast; what you are experiencing in this nation through the television and through all the networking and through Hollywood and through everything now—everything—you are feeling a spirit which is the spirit of Antichrist. There is a war in the world against God!”

Bakker said that Christians who ask “why would God give us a president who swears, why would he give us a president who has had affairs with women throughout his lifetime?” need to remember that King David was also “a womanizer” and that just about every American president has had multiple affairs.

A war against Trump is a war against God himself! He’s made many such statements. Other Christian con men like Rick Scarborough and Lance Wallnau say things like this all the time, that if you oppose Trump you oppose God. To a serious Christian, that should sound a lot like blasphemy. To the suckers that follow these grifters, it must sound like affirmation.

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