Crokin: Drew Barrymore and Eminem Are Trying to Murder People Like Her

Crokin: Drew Barrymore and Eminem Are Trying to Murder People Like Her April 12, 2018

Far-right conspiracy crackpot Liz Crokin, who is starting to make Alex Jones sound like Mortimer Adler, started her career as a gossip columnist in Chicago. No wonder, then, that she seems to be just randomly naming celebrities as part of a global pedophile cult who are trying to kill all right-thinking Christians like her.

“That’s why they are all about abortion, depopulation, contaminating our food supply, the chemtrails, the vaccines,” Crokin said. “They are trying to kill us. They are trying to kill us off because they know the only way they can run their sick one-world government where they worship Moloch, rape kids, and do it without anyone like me pestering them is if they kill most of us off and that’s what they’re trying to do.”

Crokin said that, in the meantime, “they are trying to hard to normalize this because they know eventually this is going to come out” and so they are working to “get raping kids and eating kids to be cool and normal” by using celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Drew Barrymore to promote “cannibalism and satanic rituals and child sex trafficking.”…

“It never fails,” she declared. “The people who are screaming the loudest against Trump—Jimmy Kimmel, Eminem, Robert DeNiro—they are all tied to this sick stuff. Every single one of them.”

“Every single time there is some celebrity that is going off about President Trump, like unhinged,” Crokin said, “I’ll do like two minutes of research and it’s like, oh, they’re tied to satanism, oh, they’re tied to child sex trafficking. It never fails.”

The only celebrity you can truly trust is Scott Baio. Chachi would never steer you wrong. But she’s right. I’ve personally seen Katy Perry dumping the fluoride into the chemtrail vaccines down at Illuminati headquarters, out of large triangle-shaped containers, of course. Beyonce was driving the fork lift.

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