Another Court Smacks Down Trump on Sanctuary Cities

I’ve lost track of how many courts have now said this, but another federal judge smacked down Trump and Sessions in their attempt to punish “sanctuary cities.” The concept is fairly simple: Immigration law is federal law and the feds can’t force local police to enforce those laws.

Credit: MiguelB

The Justice Department cannot require that local police departments help immigration agents in order to receive federal funding, a federal judge has ruled. The ruling is a significant victory for local governments that have opposed the Trump administration’s stance on immigration and vowed to stay out of enforcement efforts.

United States District Judge Manuel Real in Los Angeles issued a permanent, national injunction against the federal funding rules, giving the city an important win in a long-running legal battle with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the White House.

The ruling is “a complete victory,” Mike Feuer, the Los Angeles city attorney, said Thursday. “This is yet another dagger in the heart of the administration’s efforts to use federal funds as a weapon to make local jurisdictions complicit in its civil immigration enforcement policies.”

The only thing surprising about this is that Trump has not yet attacked the judge on Twitter as Mexican rapist or murderer, or accused him of being a member of MS-13. Multiple courts around the country have said the same thing. The DOJ says it’s going to appeal, as it has other cases. We’ll see what the Supreme Court has to say about it eventually.

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