LDS President: You’re Poor Because You Don’t Send Us Enough Money

The Mormon church is apparently looking to expand in Africa and their new president, Russell Marion Nelson, just went to Kenya to rally the troops. He told them that the reason they’re poor is because they don’t tithe. Which of course means because they don’t give enough money to the Mormon church.

President Nelson also said tithing can break cycles of poverty in poor nations and families.

“We preach tithing to the poor people of the world because the poor people of the world have had cycles of poverty, generation after generation,” he said. “That same poverty continues from one generation to another, until people pay their tithing.”

The law of the tithe was followed by ancient peoples as taught by Old Testament prophets. LDS faithful believe God restored the law and its blessings for those who follow it by giving one-tenth of their income to the church.

This is just the Mormon version of the “prosperity gospel” — if you give us money, God will enrich you, bless you, shower you with success and money. Except, of course, it simply isn’t true. If it were true, every Mormon who tithed would no longer be poor. In fact, they’d be rich. But that just isn’t the case. It’s quite simple, really — if you tell someone that if they do X they won’t be poor anymore, and they do X and are still poor, you were wrong. You lied to them. It’s just a classic religious scam.

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